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Valerie Althoff



Valerie Althoff is a certified Feng Shui Consultant who has been working with people to assist in enhancing and balancing their lives. She has done this through feng shui for the past 18 years, and now teaches classes to people "of an age" who are ready to shift their perspective on life to a celebration of living our wholeness of being each day.

She was a successful administrative assistant and customer service rep for many years, working as an integral part of the team in the business world. In 2000 she decided to use her excellent intuitive skills to help people realize their highest potential, attain their dreams and further their understanding of their life's purpose.


Having been raised in the amazing energy of a small farm in Minnesota, then living in several parts of the US over the years, her home is now in Chico California where she enjoys helping people enhance and enrich their lives!