Cards to help you answer the questions of your life.

InSight is a deck of 27 business-card sized cards. On each card is a word that will help you understand and answer a question with which you are currently dealing.

The process is simple: Ask a question about something that you would like help with, shuffle the deck and pick one card. This is the answer to your situation in some way. There is an explanation that will help you understand why you chose this particular card.

You can choose one card, or choose several to get a more detailed answer. It's simple, yet profound, because you WILL receive insight from the card or cards you choose. 

Each deck comes with instructions for different ways to use the cards. They are  packaged in a business card holder to place near you. And because they're small, they'll fit in your purse or briefcase.

Each set is $11 plus shipping.

Send me an email to place an order:

Once you receive the cards, I also offer a ten-card "life reading" - a comprehensive picture that will give you a deeper understanding of your life purpose...where you've been, where you are and what you can look forward to achieving, based on the direction indicated in the cards. This life reading takes at least half an hour, and the fee is $11.