Don't let your music end with you...

Share the music of your story with others

What is your story? It is your life, your unique experiences, all that you learned throughout the years that you've lived. It is your legacy. Yes, you may have heirlooms, precious jewelry, stocks or furniture that you want to leave to your family, but the one gift you have to give them that will be the most treasured of all, is your story.

It is a story that is unique to you. No one else has had the experiences and learned the things that you have. This is a story that deserves to be told and will live in the hearts of your family long after you're gone.

I wish that my mother and father had told their that they're gone, there is so much I'd like to know about their lives. I never got to know Mom as a woman, I didn't ask her what it was like to be half of a married couple going through the Depression, or what it was like to have her first child. I never got to know Dad as a man who had to put his beloved farm up for auction because he couldn't afford to feed the cows or put gas in the tractor. So many of my questions could have been answered if they'd been given the opportunity to tell their story.....

Your story is important to your family. You've gained a great deal of wisdom, having learned so many things in your own unique way, and this wisdom needs to be shared. Whether you gather your family around you and let them ask questions, or you record something yourself, this is a story that your family would so appreciate. It will give them a more full and deeper picture of who you are, as a man/woman and a human being having experienced so much of life.

I will write your story. I will sit with you, listen as you share your life experiences, tell me what you've learned, and the wisdom you would like to pass on to your family. You don't even have to learn any lines for this performance - because all the lines are yours!

If you'd like more information on how to make this happen, I'd love to talk to you about it! Please call me, and we'll set a time to get together and have fun discussing  possibilities....

Valerie Althoff