A Vision in Place

 Energy balancing solutions for the 21st Century


It all begins the moment you decide to make a change. Your intention to do so gets the energy ready to shift; you are in effect saying, Ok, I'm ready. So I congratulate you for having done the investigative work to be here, reading the words on this page! It is the beginning of making things happen to realize your vision. The next step is to ask for assistance from someone who is available and ready to help you. And it must be with someone who feels good to you. That person will be walking through your spaces, asking you about your life and your vision, and if she or he doesn't feel good to you, the work will not be as effective - or fun!

If you choose to have a consultation with me:

Call me.  You will hear my voice, determine if it's a good fit, and I will have a better understanding to see if I am the one to help you.  If it all feels good at that point, we will set up a time to meet in your space. I will email you an initial questionnaire that will help you begin to shift the way you see your world.

 When I arrive, I like to sit with you for a bit, to get more background information on what your concerns, hopes and goals are for this consultation. We'll talk about your family, your routines and the challenges you are facing. I can usually pick up a lot from this free-form type of discussion.

Next we will walk together through your spaces. What you have created is a reflection of what issues you are dealing with. Depending upon what I feel, I will suggest different things to shift the energy. I will offer powerful feng shui techniques that will make an observable difference, both immediately and ongoing as the shift deepens. You will begin to feel a difference during the visit, because your intention has already started the process.

The appointment can take anywhere from over an hour to more than two, and I will make sure you're feeling good about it the whole time.  Together we will come up with suggestions that you agree with. After all, my goal is to help make you feel more empowered and eager to do the work that will make a difference in your life.

My fee for this appointment is $190.

If you are selling your home, I can help balance the energies to attract the perfect buyer!  My fee for this appointment is $155.

It is a custom of feng shui that money given be clothed in "like energy." Money is considered high energy, is expressive, and is associated with fire, which is represented by the color red. After the appointment, when I have given you my time and expertise, I ask that you give me your payment in a red envelope. This will balance the energies of the day.