The Phoenix

Energy arising out of ashes of the old.

As we work toward renewing and balancing the energy of what  was, we create a new energy that is beautiful and uplifts our spirit, helping us to become all that we can be.

A Vision In Place

Energy Balancing Solutions for the  21st Century     


Humans are energy beings having a physical experience.  The world and every "thing" in it is made of of physicalized energy patterns. As such, we affect and are affected by the energy of everything around and within us. Our days can be great or miserable, depending on how we interact with this energy. The weather is energy, and some of us are highly affected by different weather patterns; rain is depressing, sunshine is happy, and so on. Relationships affect our moods; a cranky child is a challenge, a loving partner makes us feel warm. Our possessions - home, car, furniture, clothing - all make us feel a certain way. Our world either depresses or uplifts us, depending on our energetic relationship to it.

An ancient energy balancing technique is called Feng Shui. I believe this is an art form that is valid to this day; however, I also believe that its wisdom needs to be reformatted to make it viable for the energy of the 21st Century. We are not the same beings that we were hundreds or even tens of years ago, and the energy of the world as well has shifted many times over the years. The balancing techniques that worked so well years ago need to be redesigned to work with this new energy. This is what I bring - a new way of looking at the power of feng shui, a new way of using ancient energy balancing techniques that now work powerfully in the 21st Century.

This is what A Vision in Place is about....helping you realize your vision by creating feel-good spaces that will allow you to do that. It begins with looking at yourself and your spaces from a fresh perspective. You can't see yourself - because you're it! You are living with an elephant in the room that you can no longer see, because you live with it every day.

A pair of "fresh eyes" can help!